Freebies From The Masters

Jimmy Chin

“There is a friction between him and many people, because he did hold many people to this very high standards”

“The reason it was so special early on in my career is that I know he only worked with people that lived up to his standards. “

“People like Dean are not gonna work with people who will become a liability. They have enough going on doing what they are doing. The last thing they want to worry about is a cameraman or photographer being a liability, not adding value to the project, but taking away from it. When you are working in a team, you need to be up to the standards of the people that you are working with”

“You really want to work with people who elevate your game”

James Patterson

“When you go over the mountain to work in morning, you’ve got to be singing”

“If it’s all pain, there is something wrong. Go fix it”

“My first novel was turned down by 31 publishers, but it won Best First Novel in America”

“You have to be very emotional about this idea, but then take a step back and ask yourself. Am I going to write a 400 pages about this? Will anyone care about this?”

David Sedaris

“I don’t feel like the type of the person who writes because the world needs to know what I have to say. I am not an important person”

“There are plenty of people who are funnier than me, but I don’t let that stop me”

“You have to be burning. I don’t mean to be on fire to make money or want to be a writer, but to be on fire of the very idea of it, fueled by it”

“Everything is funny. Sometime it will take a while. But it will eventually come. The day will come when you are able to laugh about anything.”

“Quote people, exaggerate and insult yourself”

“If you tell a story and somebody laughed. That may be a good indication there is something there. Take notes of those moments”

“Please don’t feel your life is worthless or you are not special. You just have not found it yet. It’s not about what you have in your life, it’s about how you write about it”

“It can be very small things, but you have to be awake and recognize it when it’s given to you”

“Ask interesting questions, not just small talks. I asked this lady once out of now where ‘when is the last time you touched a monkey?’, it turned out that she works at a center where they train monkeys to work like servants for paralyzed people”

“It sounds cold, but, as a writer, you sorta exploit everybody you come into contact with. It’s not just me, it’s part of the job description”

“You are not always gonna hit the gold. But that’s not any reason to give up. I just would not go through the line of the grocery store and not ask that person a question. I do not want to live in that world. It has to be meaningful to the extent they can be”

“Another thing I like to do is to go another country for a haircut. Because it really doesn’t matter to have a nice haircut than a good one, on my head”

“not disrupting the beauty of it, not halting it, not calling attention to it, and just letting it play out”

“I feel so fortunate. It’s like to have a disguise or a special glasses that allows you to see what people are really like because they are not counting you as an actual human as they are. They would expose themselves”

“She gave me the look a person does when they work in the service industry and need to tell someone, as subtly as possible, that he or she is being an asshole. I returned her look with one of my own and said ‘Actually, you’re the asshole’”

“The danger often is that you get the laughs right out the gate, and then they peter out”

“That’s a real curse, needing to be perfect. You need to do the best you can do, and you need to take the best you can do. Feeling the need to be perfect doesn’t make you to be perfect. It just makes you paralyzed. So let go of that, because you are not going to be perfect. And you are very lucky, you will learn to be yourself”

“How to draw the line between being honest with yourself when it alienates people. You know they will just cross you off the list. Writing give you this illusion that you are in control”

“I am a goldmine if I am looking for pettiness, selfishness, small-mindedness”

Robert Iger

“They don’t lend themselves to absolutes going into something that tells us whether something is”

“If you want a quick and effective negotiation, you better do it in a very candid way, even that means you may reveal something that gives the other side the advantage”

My day job is a machine learning engineer, but I love working on projects in mental health, fitness and finance. I am also the author of GetUpLate.

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