How To Choose My Career Path?

well….you don’t need to even think of it as a career, just do want you want to do, and chase the failures. Also do the work 10x more than what you expected. Once put down the burden of having to be somewhat successful, life is magnificent.

Some killer questions to filter start-up ideas:

  1. Value: Is there really this need?
  2. Time(market & tech): With the best resource in the world, is it possible to solve this?
  3. Enthusiasm & experience: Am I the best fit to solve this?
  4. Business Model: is this solution financially sustainable?

Book List:

  1. Zero to One
  2. Never Split the Difference

My day job is a machine learning engineer, but I love working on projects in mental health, fitness and finance. I am also the author of GetUpLate.

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