Run Your First Scalable Web Server Under 30 min

1. Set up your K8s

You can follow my first blog in this series to set up the cluster, just do not do the last step — delete the cluster

2. Download all the yaml file to tell k8s what to do

Once you set up the cluster, download all the yaml file from github and put them all together into a folder called “k8s-demo”. Each of these files defines a different object in of the web server, once you run them all together you will have the whole system runing. You can run them all together in your terminal using:

3. Test your web server

Once you finished all the above steps, you can go to postman and start sending HTTP request to test your application! The frontend of this application lets you add new user, remove existing user and get a list of existing users.

My day job is a machine learning engineer, but I love working on projects in mental health, fitness and finance. I am also the author of GetUpLate.

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