Stoicism & Nihilism

Why does anyone want to go through the frustration and hopelessness to achieve anything?

(1) what’s the point of being successful? (Besides suffering itself. Ego and rewards will stop justifying the cost at some point) (2) you cannot even prove you live in reality.

It takes some luck, naivety and heroism to get to the more successful side. You may not think that way, because you are also hard working and intelligent. What? You do appreciate all the luck and heroism you had? Then you have to deal with all the helplessness and nihilism that comes with it. Nuh, those are really discomforting stuffs.

(Well, the journey surely can be fun for certain activities, like playing video games or creating an art, you get discouraged sometime, but, most of the time, all your attention is to figure out the task, no room left to contemplate over life or worry about the incompetency you are born with. )

When the decision comes with high stake and you are constantly encountering setbacks, you will start asking yourself: “Should I stop and change my approach or it’s actually possible at this moment and I just need to stick to it a bit longer?” “So…how long is a bit longer?”

If I wasted most of my first 30 years of life, at least this is what I learned:

(1) Whenever you start wondering about the meaning of something and when you should give up, stop the thought process and do something to change your state. (Your thought can get in your own way easily by being unnecessarily active)

(2) Do your best even when you don’t really have a reason to. (like staying healthy, working hard and taking care of people, those unnecessary efforts will tide you over the dark moment in the future)

(3) Always play in your head several steps ahead of the game. (They don’t necessarily make your next move smarter, but they comfort you)

That’s it for today. Carry on with your discomforts.

My day job is a machine learning engineer, but I love working on projects in mental health, fitness and finance. I am also the author of GetUpLate.

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